Annotated Tech Talks

A curated list of annotated presentations about better software development practices

There are plenty of excellent presentations that were recorded at various conferences. Many of those get lost in the sea of other videos with less relevant videos.

For a while, I thought it would be worth highlighting some of these, even if they are from several years ago. A curated list of Tech Talks.

The main topics I am interested in are

  • (Software) Development methodologies

  • eXtreme programming

  • Agile (as in the manifesto)

  • DevOps (as a methodology)

  • "best practices" for (software) development

As I watch these videos I like to take notes. When the speaker mentions a book, an author, or refers to a web site I like to look them up and include the links in my notes. That helps me remembering what the speaker said.

This turns them into Annotated Tech Talks.

As I am already doing that anyway at one point I started to share these notes in the hope that my selection of presentations and the notes will help someone else as well.

I am going to share some of these videos and notes here on DEV and to make it easier to find I'll put them in a series and this will be the opening page of that series.

If you are interested in the full list of videos I have already annotated check out the Annotated Tech Talks.

If you see presentation that you think would be worth watching and worth featuring let me know!